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As lead experience designer for the UAE Pavillion at the World Expo Dubai 2020, I helped tell an incredibly ambitious story as part of my role at Tellart.

I had the pleasure to lead large aspects of the multisensorial and interactive experience from concept to opening. Guiding design teams, architects, builders and many more to realize our clients and our own vision for the pavillion. 

Tellart partnered with experience architects Kossmanndejong to co-design the guest experience for the United Arab Emirates’ Host Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, crafting a multi-sensory guest experience celebrating the country’s past, present and future. Our shared vision was to tell an authentic story that would help guests see the humble roots and the core values that drive the UAE’s breakthrough achievements and its vision for the future.


Visitors take a multi-sensory journey within Santiago Calatrava’s magnificent falcon-inspired building through eight interactive and immersive sections: each one telling a different chapter of the nation’s story, bringing to life the rich nuances of Emirati culture and values.

We looked beyond the region’s famed desert landscapes for inspiration to create an intimate experience that not only embodies the heart of a nation, but makes it relatable to the rest of the world on a massive scale.

Dubai Expo 2020 UAE Pavillion



Dubai Expo 2020 UAE Pavillion

Although i have designed large exhibtions before, this one was at a nother level. Due to the scale and timeline, the 2 years working on it felt like a roloercoster of learning and personal growth. Working in Dubai, navigating politics, ongoing communicating directly with the royal clients, juggeling multible teams across miltible spaces, being one of the ungest on the entire team with one of the most senior roles, all while keeping a holistic overview of the design langauge and narrative. 

In the end it was an amazign experince to work with so many talented people form around the world. 

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