News Globus

   News Globus has a physical interface that piques the curiosity of people and asks them to explore the world not by news of a single place, but by the relationships between places.

   Phisical Computing 

   Discharge Noise

   No electricity, equals empty media devices; Empty media devices equals no connection to the web. And no connection to the internet means no web-based communication. Discharge noise is an interactive abstract sound installation of the power grid.

   Interactive sound installation


   For most people, fashion is a form of self-expression 2014 the clothes that you wear give others a glimpse of who you are. The new clothing brand Abstract_ takes that literally. It lets you create customized clothing based on personal stories and emotions.

   Generative Design


   Speculative design prototypes give us the chance to debate about one kind of future, implying "what if" questions. For greenskin it was important to use tangible ideas and mix them up with challenges we are currently facing in our urban mobility.

   Speculative Design

   Eurovision SkyLine
   Light art installation puts Copenhagen in the spotlight during the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. The show createa a connection between the Eurovision Island and the rest of Europe. 

   Light Installation

   Responsive MockupGen
   MockupGen is a web tool that allows webdesigners to test resposive webdesign and create interactive mockups. 

   Web tool


   Soundscape is a concept developed for Soundcloud to enable location based music in the urban space. It is based on the user's listening habits which get mapped into their specific areas of the city.Soundscape has the ability to enhance Soundcloud's listening experience and to give the user a new way to explore music.

   App Concept